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How do you Decorate your Home for Christmas?

The festive season is upon us again, and as a mother I find this time of year very stressful. The kids are exhausted after a long year and in need of a holiday ( we have a large break here over Christmas as it is Summer) and the days go by so much faster than the items on the to do list get checked off!

So how do I find time to decorate the house? That is what I am thinking this minute as I brace myself for putting up the Christmas tree today and decorating it with the help of little hands, I am sure it will take all day and I will spend the next three weeks putting decorations back on as Alex explores them and takes them for rides in his wagon.

I think I am going to ask Santa's Elves to help!! How do you think I will get on?

Yes I thought so, but I am going to take a leaf out of their book and do it over night, no distractions and time to hang lights and wreaths, place flowers and nuts and have some time to feel the Christmas spirit myself before the bedlam starts again in the morni…

Being Comfortable in Your Own Clothes

This is an interior design blog you say, why should you want to talk about clothes?
I'm not, I want to talk about having your own personality in your interior design and decorating.
I was looking at Vogue the other day and I thought how fantastic all these models looked in their designer gowns and jewels, faces painted so perfectly like porcelain dolls and shoes that I could never walk in, and it reminded me of interior design magazines.
I compare these because they always show the extreme of fashion and design. Lets face it do you ever see anyone strutting down the street in the outfits that we see in the magazines?
No it is more like a pair of jeans with a jacket that resembles something from the catwalk, but never the complete package, they seem to be only available for the photo shoots. I think the same thing applies with interior decorating.
We see these beautiful glossy magazines with homes that look too good to be true, and you know what? Some of them are. I bet if you snuck bac…

Find a Design School that Suits You

I am constantly getting requests from readers for me to recommend them a design school. I really struggle with this as I live in New Zealand and we have very good design schools here, but they are a long way from most of my readers. I have partnered up with a website that can give you a helping hand at finding a design or arts college in your area if you live in the US or Canada.
So visit design schools and see if you can find something that suits your needs.

Macrame - do you remember the art of Macrame?

I have just had an unusual request from a reader that enjoyed my free ecourse on interior decorating, but didn't really find what she was looking for, she wanted to know how to do macrame, (and a few other crafty things), but this one got me thinking.
I am of the age that I remember macrame, I was too young to do it myself, but had always wanted to give it a try. So, to help my reader and make sure that everyone comes out of my decorating ecourse with some new skills, I am going to look up in some of my mother's old craft albums of that era that I have Conveniently borrowed and never returned, (she will read this and want them back!) and find some instructions for the art of macrame and post them either here or on the website. I will keep you in touch!
My memory of macrame is the hanging pot plant holders, and recently macrame belts. I hope I can find something that will relate to the fashion of 2006. I am sure you are all dying to get your next installment of this post!

Too much of a good thing?

After spending the entire holiday break looking for places to store all the children's Christmas presents, I think it is time to think about the reality of consumerism and interior design. Do we need all this stuff! or do retailers just make it sound so appealing that we have to have it? My husband and I are both designers, we are also both aware of the fact that most homes designed today don't have enough storage, ours does, yet we still keep buying things and have to find places to store them. With the minimalist look of housing being so popular, where do you put all the useful things that you need, like the vacuum cleaner? I have visited a few new apartments lately and if you own more than 2 sets of towels and sheets, then you may have to store the rest on the bed as there is no room for linen or even a broom. Where do some of these designers or architects live? Hotels? Places where there is no need to clean your own room!
We have to get creative with our storage. I have pur…