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Too much of a good thing?

After spending the entire holiday break looking for places to store all the children's Christmas presents, I think it is time to think about the reality of consumerism and interior design. Do we need all this stuff! or do retailers just make it sound so appealing that we have to have it? My husband and I are both designers, we are also both aware of the fact that most homes designed today don't have enough storage, ours does, yet we still keep buying things and have to find places to store them. With the minimalist look of housing being so popular, where do you put all the useful things that you need, like the vacuum cleaner? I have visited a few new apartments lately and if you own more than 2 sets of towels and sheets, then you may have to store the rest on the bed as there is no room for linen or even a broom. Where do some of these designers or architects live? Hotels? Places where there is no need to clean your own room!
We have to get creative with our storage. I have pur…