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Find a Design School that Suits You

I am constantly getting requests from readers for me to recommend them a design school. I really struggle with this as I live in New Zealand and we have very good design schools here, but they are a long way from most of my readers. I have partnered up with a website that can give you a helping hand at finding a design or arts college in your area if you live in the US or Canada.
So visit design schools and see if you can find something that suits your needs.

Macrame - do you remember the art of Macrame?

I have just had an unusual request from a reader that enjoyed my free ecourse on interior decorating, but didn't really find what she was looking for, she wanted to know how to do macrame, (and a few other crafty things), but this one got me thinking.
I am of the age that I remember macrame, I was too young to do it myself, but had always wanted to give it a try. So, to help my reader and make sure that everyone comes out of my decorating ecourse with some new skills, I am going to look up in some of my mother's old craft albums of that era that I have Conveniently borrowed and never returned, (she will read this and want them back!) and find some instructions for the art of macrame and post them either here or on the website. I will keep you in touch!
My memory of macrame is the hanging pot plant holders, and recently macrame belts. I hope I can find something that will relate to the fashion of 2006. I am sure you are all dying to get your next installment of this post!