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How do you Decorate your Home for Christmas?

The festive season is upon us again, and as a mother I find this time of year very stressful. The kids are exhausted after a long year and in need of a holiday ( we have a large break here over Christmas as it is Summer) and the days go by so much faster than the items on the to do list get checked off!

So how do I find time to decorate the house? That is what I am thinking this minute as I brace myself for putting up the Christmas tree today and decorating it with the help of little hands, I am sure it will take all day and I will spend the next three weeks putting decorations back on as Alex explores them and takes them for rides in his wagon.

I think I am going to ask Santa's Elves to help!! How do you think I will get on?

Yes I thought so, but I am going to take a leaf out of their book and do it over night, no distractions and time to hang lights and wreaths, place flowers and nuts and have some time to feel the Christmas spirit myself before the bedlam starts again in the morni…