Saturday, November 11, 2006

Being Comfortable in Your Own Clothes

This is an interior design blog you say, why should you want to talk about clothes?
I'm not, I want to talk about having your own personality in your interior design and decorating.
I was looking at Vogue the other day and I thought how fantastic all these models looked in their designer gowns and jewels, faces painted so perfectly like porcelain dolls and shoes that I could never walk in, and it reminded me of interior design magazines.
I compare these because they always show the extreme of fashion and design. Lets face it do you ever see anyone strutting down the street in the outfits that we see in the magazines?
No it is more like a pair of jeans with a jacket that resembles something from the catwalk, but never the complete package, they seem to be only available for the photo shoots. I think the same thing applies with interior decorating.
We see these beautiful glossy magazines with homes that look too good to be true, and you know what? Some of them are. I bet if you snuck back a few weeks later and photographed the same spaces, you would end up with the jeans and jacket scenario as above. The houses are fluffed and packed for the photos, they probably have good bones but the finishing touches are often staged.
Where I am heading to with this criticism is that we need to keep our expectations real for our homes, by all means get inspired by the glossy magazines, they are there for our pleasure and entertainment, we use them as a tool for our creativity, but don't feel that you can't relax and be comfortable in your own design.
Remember that first and foremost our home is our shelter from the elements. Secondly it is our place of safety and security, and thirdly it is our personality. By personality I mean the decoration should reflect us. It should make you feel safe and secure, comfortable and relaxed, happy to entertain and share your world with others.
I go back to clothing again, have you ever gone out and worn clothing that you have borrowed for a special occasion and it doesn't quite fit properly, too tight here, gaping there? What do you spend the entire night doing? Shrinking into the background because you can't be yourself as you are not comfortable. Think of this when you design your interior, you want to wear your decoration, you want it to fit you and your family, you want it to be original and reflect your interests and essentially tell a story about your life. If you love the outdoors and go fishing every weekend, then why not have that flow through into your decoration. If you are passionate about the classics, then have a few sculptured busts as decoration. Love sports and collect memorabilia? Let it filter into your living room, (I say filter as we don't want to become fanatical!) You're into marine biology, the tropical fish tank is a must! You can see where i am heading. We have pictures of Greek orders of architecture adorning our walls, you can tell straight away that we have a passion for design.
So to summarise, I want you all to consider this article the next time you go to design something for yourself or a client, dig deeper and make sure you find out what they really want to wear everyday!

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