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Make your Kitchen Efficient, Keep it Organized

After spending a week in a holiday house and trying to cook using someone else's kitchen, I just about went bananas! I then realized why I like cook in my own kitchen, because I know where everything is and I can find it in an instant. It makes my life easy, from preparing meals to putting away the dishes, everything in my kitchen has a home. This way when you need it it will always be there.
How do you do this? You need to prioritize your kitchen. Sit down and think about what you use all the time and put that in a place that is readily accessible. If you make tea and coffee frequently, then keep your coffee, tea and sugar in good looking jars and keep them on the bench beside your kettle or a shelf nearby. Ensure that the cups and mugs are in a cupboard close. You would be surprised how much you walk around in your kitchen taking things out and putting them back into cupboards, drawers and the refrigerator. This is great if you are working on a count your steps training diet with…