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Crazy Cushions on Window Seat

I have recently stayed in this wonderful home on a lakefront surrounded by mountains, and idyllic retreat, apart from the cushions. The house was once a bed and breakfast ( a boutique type of hotel), the bedrooms are all the same with all the same decoration - makes life easier when you need to replace the sheets or bed coverings I suppose! These were in mocha brown tones by the way, just to set the mood of the room! Then to my surprise on top of a tan micro suede window seat cover were about 12 cushions. The ranged in color from white with a black floral motif, to plain lime green. I will talk about the others in between later.
I was asked to comment on the decor and I said that the cushions are refreshing. That was being kind! The room was simple there was no sense of anyone that lived there, the bed had no bed head, there was simple dark stained pine furniture - side tables and a set of drawers the built in timber was pale rimu. There was nothing in the book shelves on lonely pictur…