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Choosing Fabrics That You Like

I can't believe it, a designer of my experience cannot pick fabrics for her own house!

I went looking today to find drapery fabrics to use in our home. We have lived with cream thermal curtain linings for 4 years now, apart from Pooh Bear curtains in my daughter's room, and it really is time for some action! I know, how could I put up with it as a designer, well, they just sort of blended in with the walls and being a busy person, they just grew on you.

Daily I see fabrics and I think, "oh, that's gorgeous, I love that and this fabric would look perfect in my living room, fantastic texture, brilliant colors etc, etc". Then when I do decide to go out and find fabrics for my home, do you think I see anything that takes my fancy? NO! What a pain. My daughter came with me, she took about 30 seconds to find what she wanted, fairies of course, but she did have a small dilemma between pink or lilac, of course pink won! I think she is sleeping with the hanger as I write! N…