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When Do You Buy Cheap Furniture?

I hear you cringe at this question!

But I know that there is a mass of cheap imitations of designer furniture about, and that everyone is buying it!

Is it a good investment?


Then why buy?

It is fashionable, and a lot of people have a "use it then lose it!" philosophy to their lives.

A terrible way to be in today's world when we are all trying to be more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and reduce our waste output.

It is down right irresponsible!

So what should we be doing?

I always think that spending as much as you can afford on good quality furniture (among other things) is the best way to go. The products usually last for a very long time, if they do suffer some wear and tear, it is usually cost effective to have them repaired and you still are able to resell them to someone else who appreciates good quality furniture if you end up tiring of the design.

This doesn't mean that you can't reimage or makeover your home frequently, you can, you just don't ha…