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What's Pink and New?

No this is not a kid's joke, it's a quick note about a new service that we have started at

For so long I have wanted to make the website pink! But, I know there are loads of men out there that just wouldn't feel right visiting a pink website about interior decorating!

So a compromise, a pink shop!

A pink what?

A pink shop!

Well, an online shop (or store as you guys say in the USA!) I have been quietly selecting products that I think look great and are affordable and have grouped them into easy to find categories.

I don't have a huge amount yet, as careful shopping and recommending does take time, (and I'm loving every minute of it!) but I will keep adding to it when I find more quality interior decorating products.

Enough suspense, where do you find it?

Right here interior design products

Take a look and bookmark it for the future, especially because Christmas is near. I am about to set up a category for seasonal decorating, so I will let you know when …

Spread the word, is definately global!

Yes, help us spread the word about interior decorating and design to the world!

We are so global that I cannot list all the 207 countries that we have readers from, but I will try a few and you can see if you know where they are. San Marino, Tuvalu, Palau, Burudni, Christmas Island, Faroe Islands, Anquilla, Mali, Guyana, Slovenia, Qatar, New Zealand (no just joking - we're sure you know where we are!) We used to put a pin on the world map, but we need a bigger map, and it is like doing homework finding some of these countries. We think it is fantastic that everyone, everywhere wants to learn more about interior design.
We thought that we could introduce more people to our wonderful website so we have had some home pages translated into a few languages to see if we can attract even more readers. So if you know of anyone that speaks Chinese, Arabic, or Spanish and wants to learn about interior design, then send them to the following pages, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish to introduce the…