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What is Contemporary Interior Design Style?

I frequently get people saying that they want their home to be contemporary style. What does that mean? I struggle for the right answer.

Modern?... recent, characteristic of the present or the immediate past, contemporary.
Modernism?....the search for new forms of expression involving a deliberate break from the past.
Minimalism?...a design characterized by simplicity of form and arrangement.

Contemporary design or decoration literally means that it is happening now, it is existing, living now, reflecting today's design or fashion trends, modern.

So how do you find out what is contemporary?

By investigation. I have observed that what is for sale in the exclusive expensive interior design stores and depicted in the latest design magazines and purchased by an exclusive few today is usually the current trend, by the time all the other stores have seen it, copied it, and mass produced it, it is then contemporary to everyone else, whilst the true trend following people will be out there sea…

Find out how much you know about Interior Decorating.

Find out how much you know about interior Decorating.

Test yourself on interior decoration.

For those of you who have completed's free ecourse on interior decorating, finally a test that reviews the information covered in the ecourse.

For those of you who haven't done the ecourse, give it a go anyway, then sign on for the ecourse and try the test again at the end and see how much you have improved!

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