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Learn About Styles and Periods for Interior Decorating

Finally I have started a website about styles and periods!

It is new so bear with me, only a few decorating styles and period decoration topics available now, but more coming. So if you are interested in Victorian, Edwardian, Gothic or Georgian periods we have that covered, also Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Shaker Styles.

This is a good website for getting background history on the evolution of interior decorating. You can learn about what influenced the periods, who were the major designers and what were the key features of the style or period.

We already have loads of information on the history of furniture at, so if you haven't visited that already then you can from this website.

Learning history of design is very important as an interior designer, as I always say, because it is always true, you just never stop learning in this profession. As I research for these articles, I find myself saying "oh, really, I never knew that is where that came from", or &q…