Friday, March 02, 2007

Choosing Fabrics That You Like

I can't believe it, a designer of my experience cannot pick fabrics for her own house!

I went looking today to find drapery fabrics to use in our home. We have lived with cream thermal curtain linings for 4 years now, apart from Pooh Bear curtains in my daughter's room, and it really is time for some action! I know, how could I put up with it as a designer, well, they just sort of blended in with the walls and being a busy person, they just grew on you.

Daily I see fabrics and I think, "oh, that's gorgeous, I love that and this fabric would look perfect in my living room, fantastic texture, brilliant colors etc, etc". Then when I do decide to go out and find fabrics for my home, do you think I see anything that takes my fancy? NO! What a pain. My daughter came with me, she took about 30 seconds to find what she wanted, fairies of course, but she did have a small dilemma between pink or lilac, of course pink won! I think she is sleeping with the hanger as I write! No more Pooh Bear curtains for her. I asked her what was wrong with her curtains- she replied "Oh they are too Pooish". She makes up new words everyday, her vocabulary is very rich and hilarious, or using Emily language, she would say alarious!
Moving on. I used to, BC (before children) keep a notebook of fabrics and products that I found interesting. As time gets more precious, these useful design tools slip away. Now I am left in no mans land looking for a needle in a haystack. Do you know how many fabric houses there are? No? Neither do I, but the industry is enormous and they are constantly bringing out new ranges.
So my advice to all you budding designers and decorators out there is pay attention and jot down the fabric names when you see them, even take a photo on your phone if you have the technology and email it to yourself, and most especially make a note of the brand of fabric, at least you will be able to search through just one fabric house at least! It does pay to be organised.
I will have to brush off the dust from my notebook and start using it again, my memory can't cope with remembering all the beautiful fabrics that pass me by!

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