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The Real but Managable Behind the Scenes Side of Design - Bad Debt

Those two words that make your hair stand on end!

Bad Debt.

This is what happens at the end of your job, when you have done all the work, the client has the finished product, a lovely home or new office. Throughout the design and construction time you have been their best friend, held their hand (so to speak) the whole way through the process, answered phone calls at crazy times - thanks modern technology, and literally bent over backwards to make sure they have a top class job and in the most professional way you know how.

Then, you send out your invoice, often at a reduced fee because you undervalue your time and don't think that you can really charge them for all the phone calls and extra hand holding meetings. Here is the first mistake! If you don't charge enough the client will not value your time and expertise. You need to charge at least market rate and don't give anything away, you are only cheating yourself.

Then the client that has been the hotline to your phone for…