Confusion over Interiors Looking Even

Confusion over interiors looking even

What do I mean?

I will explain.

I currently have a client with a building that has numerous different width windows in the same room. He is very concerned about how I am going to get them to look even.
Does this make sense? Not really, the only way I can make them look even is to change the position of the windows. I can however make them look balanced in the room. This is the key word. We are installing drapes at the windows and I have make a sketch of where the drapes will sit, I have strategically placed them so that the room will look balanced to the eye. The windows are all still odd sizes, but by using drapery we have created a rhythmic and balanced wall, you don't notice the different sizes of the windows, and I am sure my client will be able to rest easy! I had better be off now to show him how I will make his interior look "even".

Just a little something to remember when decorating interiors!
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Comments said…
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