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Savor the Moment!

Savor the Moment!

Over time I have talked about putting design projects together, taught you all things about interiors, discussed pitfalls of some clients, the importance of documentation, and I have just realized that I have never touched on the most important thing about being an interior designer or decorator......

Admiring the finished product!

So what I want to talk about today is to make sure that you make the effort to "Savor the Moment" of your completed design or decoration. Visit it, take photos, thank the contractor and client, and most of all feel very proud of what you have achieved. It takes a special skill to visualize what a room can look like and then make it happen.
Never underestimate your skills. It doesn't come naturally for most people and that is why they employ an interior designer or decorator.

Make sure you keep a "Brag Book" or a portfolio of your work, so you can show it to prospective clients, it's also great to flick through when y…