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Choosing Color By Name - A Good Decision or Not?

Choosing Color By Name - A Good Decision or Not?

I have just come back from a meeting to choose some colors for an office fitout, and I am amazed. I must say after all the years of choosing colors for interiors, I have just been introduced to a new method.

This method has no particular theory behind it except that they liked the names of the colors and they looked good side by side.

In New Zealand we have a paint company called Dulux, they have created a color palette where the colors are named after places in New Zealand.

My clients chose their colors based on New Zealand locations! Yes, I am amazed, and I must admit it was quite refreshing for a change to have all the color theory that I have ignored and this new way of choosing colors revealed.

Obviously I did have some input into guiding them to their color combinations, but if it didn't have the right name they weren't interested.

So who needs an interior designer when we can choose the color scheme by the paint color name?


How to Cure Interior Designer's Block

You have heard of writer's block, but what about interior designer's block?

Boy, it's worse by far.


Because people employ us to be creative and we don't have years to do it like some novel writers have, we can't just walk away and come back in a few weeks. People are waiting for something exciting and new, a creation that will fulfill their dreams, and they want it now. They want fresh new ideas, something different to everyone else, and why shouldn't they get it?

They should, but sometimes you feel that you just don't have anything more to give. Your ideas have dried up, the brief you have to work with is boring and uninspiring or worst of all you just can't be bothered. Oh no......what do you do?

What do you do when you just can't create anymore?

Take a holiday!

Yes, go and do something completely different. You don't have to jump on a plane and take a weeks long vacation, but take some time out and recharge you batteries. Have a change of scene…