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By Passing the Interior Decorating when House Hunting

By Passing the Interior Design when House Hunting

We have been looking a houses over the last few months and I'd just like to share a few tips with you from an interior designer and architectural designer's point of view when it comes to assessing the house from the inside.

Tip One: Don't be fooled by great interior decorating. Close your eyes and imagine all the furniture and artwork, decorations, floor rugs removed and then picture your furniture in the same room. How good does it look now?

Tip Two: In today's modern world we need power outlets or sockets everywhere, especially in the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and garage. Check that there are enough. You don't want to have to use multi boxes and overload your electrical system, or upgrade it, it can become costly very quickly.

Tip Three: Open and shut everything. Sounds crazy but it will drive you insane once you move in to find that the window in your bedroom won't open, or worse still won't close once …