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Sorry for all the emails

I apologise to you all for the mass of emails sent to you.

I have no idea what happened, I just changed the feed on the blog, then all of a sudden it started sending out emails to everyone.

I cannot apologise enough. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Please stay subscribed, it was an accident and I will investigate into how it happened to make sure you aren't annoyed like this again. I am very conscious about how many emails I send, and this is an invasion of your mailbox. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks for your time.
Lee Brown

Is There Anything New in Furniture Design?

Is There Anything New in Furniture Design?

After just returning from Sydney, Australia visiting the Australian International Furniture Fair, my answer is a big NO!

I don't know about you but I am so bored with copies of original 20th Century Furniture Designers. They may now have a different leg, or a slightly narrower arm but the original design concept is nothing new. Have we gone as far as we can go with contemporary furniture design?

Every now and again I see students pushing boundaries to create a piece of furniture art, a new chair, marketable and saleabale? Unfortunately not, but I think it is great that students have the passion and desire to want to make history. I just wish the manufacturers would jump on board and get in behind the young designers of today. They may be already somewhere out there, if anyone knows of any programs, let me know and I will promote them, because I really would love to see some innovative and inspirational pieces of furniture become available to…