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Where do Interior Designers get their Ideas from?

Where Do Interior Designers Get Their Ideas From?

I am constantly being asked this question, and I must admit, that as the years go by I start to feel that I struggle to come up with something new and original myself. I think that this is because I am a conscientious designer who takes the time to get to know my client and strives to create something unique and original each time. What is original? Interior design and decorating has so many influences, be it historic, ethnic, locational, budgetary, personal, environmental to name a few.

Where am I going with this train of thought?

Good question, I'm not sure myself, but I do know that the longer you are in the interior design and decorating industry, the harder it becomes to create really great interiors. It is like any good relationship, you start to take things for granted over time and things become average and boring, they lack passion and direction and you think you know it all. This starts to show in your work.

So how do you put…

Interior Decorating Quiz

Interior Decorating Quiz

This time I am writing about new things on our website.

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