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Trends in Interior Decorating and the Environment

Trends in Interior Decorating and the Environment

This is a topic which I have very strong opinions. I get asked frequently for advice on what the current trend in interior decorating is. It is pretty much impossible to answer. With the way the world is now, we have access to the Internet, international television, global magazines and we can now readily access designs and ideas from other countries. The fashion changes with the seasons and the stores are frequently stocking the shelves with the latest new look. So what look should you have and for how long?

This is where I put on my "green" hat and start to consider the question about the sustainability of the interior design industry if we are going to keep up the consumerism for the latest and greatest interior decorating trend. How much stuff can we buy, display and then trash for the next new trend four months later? What happens to all this "stuff". Having small children, I compare this to visiting McDonald&…