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It's the little things that count for interiors

It's funny how, as an interior designer, I get annoyed at the smallest of details when I am out and about. I am currently writing this from a laptop in hospital and have noticed so many little design faults in the way it is laid out and the detail in the planning.

The first thing that I noticed in the room was finding a basin to wash my hands in. There are signs up everywhere about washing your hands and the spread of germs, but boy it was tricky to find a wash hand basin. Can you guess where I found it? Behind a column, half way into a patients "bedroom" space, the curtains were pulled around the bed, so I hadn't been able to see it. I am glad my daughter wasn't allocated that space as the whole room had to use the one basin!

Then to make it worse, they have the lever type faucets with a large wall mounted spout. Great for not having to touch the tap or faucet, but the height of the spout and the shape of the basin means that every time you turn the tap or faucet …