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The Importance of Quality Curtains

The Importance of Quality Curtains

I know I go on and on about this topic, but it is one of those pet hates - cheap and nasty curtains. They really bring down a good design. It is the finishing touches of interior design or decoration that people notice, no matter how much detail you put into space planning and architectural features they get left behind when you see poor curtain selection at the windows. Let's face it, most homes today have a lot of windows and they are expensive to drape, but please resist the temptation to buy that cheap fabric on sale at the local fabric store and then not use enough at each window and forget to line them, so all you have is a piece of mediocre fabric hanging beside the window limply with no fullness, no length and no design presence.

The curtain tracks or rods are also important. You need to make sure you spend a little bit extra on the curtain rod or track length so that you can have stack backs (space to either side of the windows for the cur…

How to Walk Your Client

How to Walk Your Client

I hear you say - "what?"

I know it sounds weird but I am quite serious.

You need to learn to walk your client through the design process. This means starting from scratch as if they a complete design virgins. And like life, they will never tell you if they know nothing about design as they won't want to look inadequate in your eyes.

Let's face it, the reason the client employs an interior designer is so that they can get a good end result achieved from a professional, but as you are well aware, you need considerable input from your client to make their project succeed.

Therefore you need to guide them, step by step into how that is achieved.

I was reminded of this when I had a client recently, who on the outside appeared in control and knew what she was talking about as she and her husband had recently had their home decorated I presumed she did. I was in a hurry as working with a newborn baby, time is precious, so I leapt straight in thinking sh…