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The Luxury of Carpet - Tips for Choosing Carpet for your Home

The Luxury of Carpet

Whilst house hinting this week, I was reminded about what a difference carpet makes to an interior. I walked into a house and instantly felt the plush softness with a little spring underfoot. Luxury and quality jumped straight into my head. It felt really great. We have a very strong and very durable loop pile wool carpet in our home and it has been fantastic over seven years with three small children and pets, it still looks as good as new, but it doesn't have the "bounce" that high quality cut pile carpets have especially with a good underlay.

I will talk a little about carpets, and refer you back to because we have extensive information on carpet there.

In the New Zealand residential or domestic market we predominantly use 100% wool carpet or a 80% wool 20% nylon mix. After all we are one of the top producers of wool in the world. Wool has so many fabulous qualities that it is an ideal fibre for making carpet.

This was the case fo…