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Don't forget about the trees!

Don't forget about the trees?

After recent discussions with my wannabe interior designer daughter (all of seven years of age), on the interior design for her new bedroom, which by the way is not as nice as her old bedroom (before we started), boy life is tough!
She told me not to forget about the trees!
What, trees in a bedroom, what on earth has she designed?

I sat down with her and looked at her design concept. I think she must have been doing the interior decorating ecourse because she had sorted out what she needed, listed it up, drawn sketches and had a definite theme that she was adamant required no input from me!

You will never guess her theme, so I will tell you. The Sound of Music. For anyone too young to know what this is it is a book and movie made popular years ago with Julie Andrews as the star singer, she played a nun/ nanny (Maria) for a family with no mother and a lot of children and I think from memory it was in Germany or Austria, I need to read the book again.

When is a designer right or wrong?

When is a designer right or wrong?

I recently was contacted by a contractor on a project that was almost complete, I had allowed the client to make a change, she wanted a feature wall in the corporate color (lime green) in the reception area. It wasn't what I would have chosen, but being an isolated area I decided to compromise the design concept and let the change happen, it wouldn't upset the flow of the remainder of the building.

Well, when the rest of the staff saw the color they all wanted it in their offices. Lime green overload! The contractor had gone ahead with this, even though I had not given him the instruction, and when I saw it, it was worse than I thought. Chris came with me and calmed me down, he thought it was bright and funky. The staff loved it and I was the only one upset.

Unfortunately as designers we do get a little precious. We can go through the entire process of taking the client brief, creating a beautiful workable concept, get the project underway and …