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Transform a Room with Wallpaper - Don't be Afraid to Ask for Advice

Wallpaper can completely transform a room.

I recently visited a friend who had purchased an older home that had been renovated and painted throughout. It looked clean and crisp, but it lacked something. My friend got to work and "went to town" with wallpaper.

What a transformation. It reinforces my ideas on using pattern, texture and color. The rooms all took on a look or theme, the pattern gave the room depth and provided movement for the eye. New curtains were also added and highlighted the wallpaper.

She was stuck with one problem though, her existing sofa just didn't work in her new look living room. It was mustard yellow with rust and blue motifs. The fantastic wallpaper was colored red rust with a large silver vine type design. The curtains were silver, and there was a silver mirror over the fireplace. The wallpaper was used as a feature wall and when walking into the room it looked fantastic, but the room did not look right to her eye. (This is why she asked my…

Accessories - The Key to Good Design

Accessories are the key to good design. Why? Because they are often the focal points of a room or what people's eyes first focus on in when entering a room. But who chooses them?

Interior decorating can be overlooked as a skill. Interior designers get precious about creating spaces, Architects about creating form and function. All of these features are vital with any interior, but there is still the finishing touches skill that is the icing on the cake of these designs, and the ability to do this with expertise requires enormous talent.

There is a lot of banter about in the design industry about qualifications, industry standards, and people passing themselves off as designers when they aren't. It is very difficult when a lot of countries don't have the design industry regulated. It can be frustrating for qualified individuals to compete in an industry with others passing themselves as something they are not. The only way to look at this without getting all puffed up about…