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How to Keep A Designer Bedroom Look

How do you keep your designer bedroom looking good?

This is a problem I find in all areas of design, when you complete the job, the room looks great, you go back two months later and it looks like a jumble sale! So how do you keep the bedroom you have designed looking great?

You need to plan well and make sure that there is room to store all the things you require in the bedroom.
Make sure there is enough wardrobe space. If there isn't then advise them to store out of season clothing and rotate it with the seasons. This means the wardrobe won't be spilling out into the room and finding the clothes will be easier. Use shoe racks to maximise the usage of space and make the wardrobe more ordered.Select side tables with a drawer or two so you can put the little things you need beside your bed every night somewhere out of sight. Have decorative boxes of varying sizes to store things in, like jewelry, scarves, magazines, hats (hat boxes work well for storage), hand bags. These can be…

How to Stop Yourself Going Insane When You are an Interior Designer

How to Stop Yourself Going Insane Being When You are an Interior Designer

How long have you been working in the design industry? Are you a beginner and full of enthusiasm and passion, or a long term burnt our professional who doesn't want to pick up the phone when they think it will be a certain annoying client!

I don't want to sound negative here and pour water on any one's passion and enthusiasm for design, as obviously, that is what I encourage in our students everyday as it realizes fabulous creativity, but sometimes you get one client who just burns you out!

I suppose what I want to express is how to prevent this happening in your life. I will give you my experience here and tell you how I should have handled it, instead of nearly going insane and not answering the phone!

I had a long term commercial client who wanted to build a new house. Chris designed the house, and I was helping his wife with the interior design. Unfortunately, I took her with me and gave her opti…