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We are all safe in Christchurch after the earthquake

Finally I can get online and contact everyone. I am sure you have seen the news and the devastation that has hit Christchurch with the aftershock on Tuesday. Aftershock? Boy it was worse that the earthquake of September 4th 2010. I can describe it as if you are a cork in the middle of the ocean and getting thrown around. The house was like a tiny lilo that was rocking on an unstable ground. Everything was thrown to the ground and smashed, furniture was tipped up, pictures on the wall literally jumped of the walls. The gold fish were lucky to have any water left in their tank.

We were lucky, our house is still standing, we have had no power and water, but we have all our family alive and accounted for. There are still so many people missing. It is a very bizarre experience as I sit here using a mobile connection to contact you, some people are homeless, some are digging holes in the garden to use as toilets, others are queuing up for fresh water at the local schools. The entire centra…