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Communication in Design

Communication in Design

Those of you who have participated in the interior decorating ecourse by, will know me well and that I always preach about getting the design brief right before you start a design project.

I am so sanctimonious about it and yet in the past two weeks, I have let my standards slip (due to exhaustion post earthquake and three busy children), and I have jumped in and completed three projects after never meeting the client, not having a full brief and rushing through the job, just to get it out of the way. I am appalled at my attitude and the results were to be expected.

The first project I had a one line sentence as a brief, "please do a color scheme for this office, the chairs are red and the task chairs are black." Great simple enough, color scheme done, clients love it, only to find out that the head office already had a standard color scheme that was to be used in all it's offices. Poor communication, redo the scheme to their co…