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Key Points for Working in a Successful Design Team

I am working on a design job at the moment that is quite different to what I am used to. I am used to being in charge and telling people what to do, making decisions and being responsible for those decisions. With this job, I am not in charge and I am having to make decisions as a team player. It is a reminder to me about the importance of quantifying your design decisions. You always need to be able to state your case as to why you decide on a product, finish or layout. The other team members need to be able to see where your design reasoning is coming from. Let's face it, in this industry, we all have our own little picture in our head of what we think the finished product should look like and I bet those pictures are all totally different.

Being able to justify your decisions based on your concept and the look you are trying to achieve is vital. Communication plays a big part, and I must admit, for me I am finding it a bit confusing as I feel like it takes twice as long to make…