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A Personal Note from Lee Brown

Yeah Hah!

Hi everyone,

This is a personal note from me. I know I am very opinionated when it comes to design, but that's ok, designers are very passionate people and have strong beliefs in their ideas.

I am writing now to say I hope you jolly well appreciate all the hard work I have done over the last six months redesigning the website network and upgrading all the systems so that we can provide you faster and easier to read information about interior design and decorating.

Because of this, in between earthquakes, snows storms and general fear of the future, Chris and I have managed to get our goal achieved. This goal was to bring into the fore front of the internet and make it easier for our readers to move about the network of websites. During this marathon my kids have forgotten who their mother is! So over the next two weeks - which is school holidays here, I am going to take a well earned break and spend some time with them.

I apologize in advance because I…