Friday, October 07, 2011

A Personal Note from Lee Brown

Yeah Hah!

Hi everyone,

This is a personal note from me. I know I am very opinionated when it comes to design, but that's ok, designers are very passionate people and have strong beliefs in their ideas.

I am writing now to say I hope you jolly well appreciate all the hard work I have done over the last six months redesigning the website network and upgrading all the systems so that we can provide you faster and easier to read information about interior design and decorating.

Because of this, in between earthquakes, snows storms and general fear of the future, Chris and I have managed to get our goal achieved. This goal was to bring into the fore front of the internet and make it easier for our readers to move about the network of websites. During this marathon my kids have forgotten who their mother is! So over the next two weeks - which is school holidays here, I am going to take a well earned break and spend some time with them.

I apologize in advance because I know there are a few things that haven't gone as planned, like photographs disappearing, but I will sort them out and things will be even better than before.

So what I really wanted to say with this personal note is that Chris and I are just so pleased to have you on board as readers of our websites, your support over this last year has been amazing. It is still shaking here, the earthquakes have settled a little but every now and again we are woken with a bang and your heart starts pumping. It isn't easy living in a city that has been attacked by nature and now is being demolished, building by building, you see landmarks disappearing everyday. As designers we find it very upsetting to see the wonderful architecture we had in our city end up in rubble.

On a positive note we like to think global and are thrilled that we can help people from all over the world get educated on interiors. The emails that you send are wonderful with kind words about how you are achieving so much, this is what keeps us going. Unfortunately as we have been so busy redeveloping the websites we haven't been able to rely to them all individually, so here is a big THANK YOU to all of you.

It is spring here and I would like to share a photo of our children among the daffodils in the park, unfortunately some daffodils were harmed in the taking of this photo. Charlie in his "Bob the Builder" gumboots thought it was great fun to run through them, crushing all in his path, that is why he is being held tightly by his big sister Emily!

Well, I hope you enjoy using the new look websites, we will keep adding new content faster than before, so you are going to be busy!

Please take a moment to visit and all the other websites that radiate from it. Especially the site that Chris is developing for all of you who are progressing to interior design as a business. It is great (even I am learning a few things- don't tell Chris!)

For a lot of you, you are heading into winter, we have started a Christmas website, I said earlier I would be spending my time with the kids, yes, I will be making Christmas decorations and testing recipes for the Christmas website, "shhh don't tell them, they will think it's fun!" So book mark that website, I am trying to make everyone think outside the square this Christmas and do something different.

Bye for now and best wishes from Lee.
(Crazy interior designer who never sleeps!)

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