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Trust Your Instincts

Trust Your Instincts

The reason I write this blog is to give you insights on being a designer. In the ecourses I offer, I give you direction to understand and learn the principles of design. Anyone can learn these, but to be truly able to take these lessons and move up a level you need to be able to think and feel like a designer.

All I want to talk about today is to trust your instincts. If you have finished all the education, you will have the fundamentals to be able to make good decisions, even if you don't feel you have the confidence to do so yet. I just want to help you along and guide you to achieving confidence.

Some Tips

Even if you don't have any paying projects - invent some. If you visit a friends home, take a mental picture and then do a mock proposal to redesign a room. Use your own home, try writing a client brief and creating a scheme for it. See how many different client briefs you can do and you will be amazed on how you treat the same space according …

Beware the Designer Value Added

Please - Beware the Designer Value Added

What are you talking about? I am talking about being blinded with a title of designer or architect. It is like any field there are good and bad designers and architects, so take each on their own merit, not just because they have a qualification.

I know I am here to teach you about how great it is to be a designer and help you with the skills you need, but I also must insist that you don't overstate your qualifications and your skills.

I have just visited a home where the client had paid a very large sum of money to have a kitchen designed and renovated. In my view they paid twice as much as it was worth and the kitchen design could have been achieved by any new student designer. In fact, the student would probably have had more innovative ideas!

What I want to stress here in this blog are two things - one for the consumer or client. Don't have your vision fogged by the fact that you are using a designer / architect. Make sure you see s…

Bathroom Bliss

Achieving Bathroom Bliss

After having to move from a home with two spacious bathrooms to a home with one tiny bathroom, I have had to get creative with bathroom storage. You don't realise how many bottles of must have "things" you need in your bathroom, let alone how many you access daily. Flowing soap, moisturiser, antiseptic cream, deodorants, hair products, make up, tooth paste, hair brushes, hair ties, perfume, to name a few that seem to live on top of our vanity. Once a week, I clear them all away so the bathroom looks neat and tidy, then one by one they make their way back on top, and the mess begins all over again. The funny thing is that we have a huge vanity, that has quite successfully managed to house two bathrooms into one much to my surprise. The problem seems to arise from the users. Easy and instant access to all those must have products is great but the easy access to put them away seems to be missing! There is only so much a designer can do to make the b…

The Importance of Interior Design

In my recent experience of shifting house, I was acutely reminded of the importance of interior design. This was for many reasons with the main reason being the maximizing and planning of space. We have downsized in square meterage yet still need to fit most of our possessions into this space.

Here are where my interior design skills come in.

You have to make every space work, not only for storage but also for the flow of people around your furniture and of course it also needs to look good. I realize now that I take this skill for granted. I have been told, you will never fit all that in there, - "watch me", I say. Also moving is a good time to get rid of those bits and pieces that you never liked, never use, and just collect dust in the garage! I am a great hoarder of emotional things, so this is the hard part, but by downsizing, there is no option for emotion, you need to make decisions based on space and traffic flow, and if it won't fit, (even though I can make it f…

Choosing Curtains Carefully for Rental Property

Make Sure you Choose Curtains Carefully for a Rental Property

I am currently looking to tidy up a rental property, it has not had any maintenance undertaken for sometime, and one of the worst items are the curtains. Probably because they are "in your face", for want of a better expression. They have a large presence in a room and if they are barely hanging from the curtain track on a few hooks, covered in spiderwebs and looking covered in mold, it doesn't give you great confidence on how the rest of the spaces will stack up.

I am going to take them all down, throw them out and start again. Oh this sounds very rash, surely I can recycle them, give them a clean, put more hooks in the heading tape and they will be just fine. Unfortunately not. I am very much concerned about the environment and recycling as much as possible, but these curtains are not salvageable. Saying that, I have found a local store that does recycle curtains, it is great, I visited today and they have s…

Interior Design Community

Join our Interior Design Community

I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who have got on board with our interior design community so far. It was launched a couple of weeks ago and we now have a steady flow of people getting on board, but we need more. There have been a lot of familiar names who have been part of the team of design enthusiatsts registering and talking about their design passion to others.

I must admit, I have been having fun too. As I always say, there is so much to learn about interior design and decorating, trends change, new products become available, and it is good to be able to share your thoughts on this.

I have recently started working with a young new designer, it is great as she has fresh new ideas and ways of thinking that gives me a new lease on life. I have become a bit tired as being creative all the time does take a lot out of you. Her passion and enthusiasm is wearing off on me and I am finding I am starting to flick few a f…