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The Importance of Interior Design

In my recent experience of shifting house, I was acutely reminded of the importance of interior design. This was for many reasons with the main reason being the maximizing and planning of space. We have downsized in square meterage yet still need to fit most of our possessions into this space.

Here are where my interior design skills come in.

You have to make every space work, not only for storage but also for the flow of people around your furniture and of course it also needs to look good. I realize now that I take this skill for granted. I have been told, you will never fit all that in there, - "watch me", I say. Also moving is a good time to get rid of those bits and pieces that you never liked, never use, and just collect dust in the garage! I am a great hoarder of emotional things, so this is the hard part, but by downsizing, there is no option for emotion, you need to make decisions based on space and traffic flow, and if it won't fit, (even though I can make it f…