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Beware the Designer Value Added

Please - Beware the Designer Value Added

What are you talking about? I am talking about being blinded with a title of designer or architect. It is like any field there are good and bad designers and architects, so take each on their own merit, not just because they have a qualification.

I know I am here to teach you about how great it is to be a designer and help you with the skills you need, but I also must insist that you don't overstate your qualifications and your skills.

I have just visited a home where the client had paid a very large sum of money to have a kitchen designed and renovated. In my view they paid twice as much as it was worth and the kitchen design could have been achieved by any new student designer. In fact, the student would probably have had more innovative ideas!

What I want to stress here in this blog are two things - one for the consumer or client. Don't have your vision fogged by the fact that you are using a designer / architect. Make sure you see s…