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Coming to Grips with Quirky Ideas

Quirky Interiors

It's great that we all have different interests and ideas about how we live, it creates a well balanced society. The hardest part about this as an interior designer is putting aside your interests and ideas and getting into the client's headspace. 
So here are some tips on how to work with quirky interiors.

Show interest and get an understanding of how they live in their space.Find out what are the really important things in their interior that need to be retained and what is surplus to requirements, items put there because they had no where else to put them.Gauge how far they are willing to embrace new concepts and ideas, show them a few magazines and get a feel for what they like. Most people don't like change, so you have a privilege that they have asked you to do it for them, it is not an easy job. Take you time, this front end of a client designer relationship is critical.Go for a shopping excursion and get a feel for what catches their eye, you will so…

Individuality in Design

I have been visiting a lot of homes lately and noticing how different the people live to me. I know that I wouldn't choose to configure my home like they have but it works for them. As an interior designer it is not my role to change the way they live - just enhance the environment and make it work better for them. Some people like to spend their indoor outdoor living time in the morning and catch the morning sun on their deck, others the afternoon, so they have their home arranged quite differently. It is all related to how we live in our home. Some people are elderly and enjoy the morning sun with a cup of coffee and prefer to be indoors at the end of they day as they tire and just want to feel warm and safe inside. Young couples often only have the evenings and the weekend to enjoy their home so their important spaces are more likely to be the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Young family's homes are usually chaotic, the kitchen and bathroom are always being used so are ofte…

My Home is My Castle

My Home is My Castle

I write this article after nearly two years of upheaval in my city. We had a major earthquake on February 22 2011 and the people of Christchurch's lives will never be the same again. They lost their homes, some lost family members, jobs were ended abruptly because the entire central city was closed down and most of it is now demolished and still inaccessible  People have had to find a new place to live, put up with after shocks which are now less frequent but still there. Children practice their earthquake drills on a regular basis and my daughter won't even mention the date February 22nd as she just wants to pretend it didn't happen.

That is the background for what I am going to write now. I have been working in a job as a project manager to reinstate people's homes. It has been eye opening in many ways. I see people living with large cracks in their walls, windows boarded up, uneven floors, broken paths and driveways and once loved garden's n…