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Coming to Grips with Quirky Ideas

Quirky Interiors

It's great that we all have different interests and ideas about how we live, it creates a well balanced society. The hardest part about this as an interior designer is putting aside your interests and ideas and getting into the client's headspace. 
So here are some tips on how to work with quirky interiors.

Show interest and get an understanding of how they live in their space.Find out what are the really important things in their interior that need to be retained and what is surplus to requirements, items put there because they had no where else to put them.Gauge how far they are willing to embrace new concepts and ideas, show them a few magazines and get a feel for what they like. Most people don't like change, so you have a privilege that they have asked you to do it for them, it is not an easy job. Take you time, this front end of a client designer relationship is critical.Go for a shopping excursion and get a feel for what catches their eye, you will so…