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Always Keep Searching for Something New

Always Keep Searching fro Something New

As usual  I am on my "high horse" about products. There is so much choice when you are an interior designer that it can become easy to just specify what you know and become lazy. This is my advice for you today, don't - keep searching for something better. There are so many new and exciting products becoming available that it is difficult to keep up with but if you don't you will miss out on exciting opportunities to create something special.

I am currently working with a client and they want a large feature wall coming from the outside in - they want it to be concrete and look really special. The obvious way to achieve this is create a concrete tilt slab panel, but this is a very expensive option as the wall is very long. I just happen to stumble upon an alternative solution when I was looking at tiles - it is a very large tile that looks like concrete has been poured over timber and the finished result is a wonderful timber t…