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Bathroom Choices

Bathroom Choices

What do you need in a modern day bathroom?

Bath - Vanity - Shower - Toilet - Bidet - Heated Towel Rail - Demister Mirror - Heated Floor Tiles - Heater - Extract Fan - Stereo - TV?

As our lives get busier the time we spend looking after ourselves is diminishing. Way back in time - taking a bath wasn't a luxury like it is now - it was the only way to get clean. Now in the time it takes to fill and prepare a bath we could have already run through the shower, got dressed and be onto sorting out our hair! Does it have to be this way?

From a design perspective we put so much effort into creating a bathroom that looks fantastic and has all the modern conveniences that will save water, power, keep our towels warm, make sure we don't get cold feet, keep the bathroom dry and healthy, yet we don't instruct our clients how to use it.

I start with the bath - too often now I hear people saying to me; "No we don't want a bath - we don't have kids at home anym…