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You are Paid for your Attention to Detail in Design

You are Paid for your Attention to Detail in Design

We recently went to a wonderful hotel for a very special family occasion and I was really impressed with the interior design of the hotel. It was smart, well themed for the era of the building and it was inviting, warm, welcoming and created a lovely setting for this occasion. I was incredibly impressed with the design as well as the service we were given. It wasn't until later on in the night when I visited the bathroom that I was let down. I went to open the door and I grazed the joints of my fingers on the timber moldings on the door. It was a lever styled door handle which means you pull it down to open the door, it was also a fire door so it was very heavy with very firm door closer on it. I had to push quite hard to get into the corridor for the bathrooms and that is when my hand hit the molding and took the skin off. Of course I took further inspection being the nosy designer that I am and to my surprise, it appears as I s…

You are worth something

You are worth something!

I just found this blog post that I had started writing a few years ago and never finished.  I though it may be of interest to you.

I am so tired of working myself ragged and then to be told by the customer that they won't pay me. I find it humiliating, firstly that i have to ask them for payment, then that they say they won't, after they have the information you have provided them, used it and then bare face look at you in the eye and bring up a complaint or something that was never mentioned earlier that they aren't happy with. It makes my blood boil. It takes me a lot to get angry, but when I do I get really mad! I am now mad and should probably not be writing this in this state but hopefully by doing so it will mean that some of you can lessen the risk of it happening along the way.

I wrote that about two weeks ago, I am no longer mad just disappointed in myself for not having a better process. The scenario I was talking about was not an interio…