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Savor the Moment at the End

I just received a text out of the blue from a client that I had done a lot of work for in my last job. They were inviting me to see their brand new home as it is finished and they want everyone involved to see how well it has turned out. I felt very special. What a lovely thing to do. Unfortunately they have to sell it, so I just went online and had a sneak peak at the for sale photos on the real estate agent's website before I go and visit tomorrow. It looks amazing, I am so thrilled for them.
It is a wonderful feeling to see a project that you have been involved in finished. I don't know about you, but I am always so busy that often finish one thing and I am straight onto the next without stopping to savor the moment and look at the results of all the hard work. (I am suddenly realizing why they have a lot of emphasis on the end of a marathon, you cross the line and everyone cheers and your photo gets taken for making it to the end.) So tomorrow I am going to take some time …