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As an Interior Designer, do I Need a Pinterest Account?

Do I need a Pinterest Account as an Interior Designer? Yes, you do need a Pinterest account! If you want to stay in touch with design trends, get inspiration, and be organized, it is vital that you set up a Pinterest account. I am sure you currently browse the internet for design inspiration, by using Pinterest you can set up your own boards and categorize them to review at a later date.  For example - bathrooms, bedrooms, children's bedrooms color inspiration or be more specific, white interiors, black and white interiors, neutral kitchens, front doors. It's a great tool for then being able to quickly browse through when you are working on a project.  There is nothing worse than having an image that you have seen in your head that you know has a design element in it that you want to share with a client because you think it is the sort of feature that they are trying to explain to you and you can't remember where you saw it! If you use the Pinterest boards (essentially a fi

Should we put Color Back in the Bathroom?

Putting Color Back in the Bathroom For so long now, all I can remember is white bathroom fixtures. Toilet, bath, shower, vanity, basin. They are all white available in many different shapes and sizes, designs and styles but predominantly white. I was recently scrolling through Unsplash , where I get inspirational photos and I found these images of bathroom fittings and walls that were a little bit different so I though I would share them. Image Credit - Curology I love pink! Do you think you could live with a pink toilet, cistern and pink walls? Well I think they should have had a pink toilet seat. The white just doesn't cut the mustard. Image Credit - Curology A pink bath and pink wall tiles in these two images. Great action photo. unsplash-logo Image Credit - Curology We only see a small part of the bath and wall here, can you imagine the what the whole bathroom looks like? unsplash-logo Image Credit - Curology Green, now this col

Eeny Meeny, Miny, Moe - Which Color Should I Go?

Eeny Meeny, Miny, Moe - Which Color Should I Go? Here are 15 simple tips to remove the color "noise" from choosing your perfect color. Sometimes choosing color seems like you are in the middle of a children's nursery rhyme or a choosing  lottery numbers. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe - which color should I go? Too many choices and no idea of how to choose just the right ones. It's like being in a candy store with all that lovely sweet temptation around you - so much choice, it all looks good and only 50 cents to spend! How do you choose the perfect candy? My solution is choose one of as many as you can afford and then next time you will know your favorite! That's my candy store theory, you may want to try it yourself. unsplash-logo Image credit - Viktor Talashuk How do you pick your lottery numbers - do you go random numbers or have a set formula? Does it really make a difference? It is pure luck if your numbers come up and lets face it, the odds really ar

If you love interior design but don't have the time to learn....

If you love interior design but don't have the time to learn.... now can with WillowCollege. I used to dream of being an interior designer. Now I am, but I had to study part time and attend classes, work and juggle a business. It was hard work.  Thank goodness for progress and technology now.  I have been teaching interior design online at  for 15 years.  Now I have set up a new business called WillowCollege.  WillowCollege offers an Online Interior Design course designed for the busy person to learn in 3 minute bite sized lessons.  No more having to be at a class on a certain day at a certain time. You can learn when you want, study a lot when you have the time and not feel guilty when you have other commitments for missing a class.   As it is brand new, I am offering a one week free trial. I though if you have an interest in interior  design then you may want to explore learning more. If you visit

Using Living Things to Enhance your Interior - Plants

Using Living Things to Enhance your Interior - Plants I remember when I was young, we had pot plants everywhere in the house. When we went on holiday we had to arrange someone to come in and look after them or my mum would put them all in the bath and leave a bit of water in the bottom. They were very well cared for. We had pots hanging in macrame hangers, we had rubber plants, maiden hair ferns and even a terrarium. Am I showing my age? When I got my own house, I was given a rubber plant. I found that quite funny, it survived a while but I managed to kill it. Then I tried again but I always seemed to either over water or forget to water them, so I gave up. This meant I lost a tool from my design tool box. I have only just started to get back into adding plants to my home. I had done it for other people, but not for myself. I must say it was very satisfying, they really do make a difference to your home and  I now check them everyday. I have put some small peace lilies in lovel

Creative Color

Creative Color I thought I was pretty good with technology, until I had to start navigating my way around Pinterest and Instagram! Wow, it was so overwhelming. After a few months, I think I have now mastered it. So I thought I would show off my new skills and invite you to join my Pinterest Tribe - Creative Color.  For those of you who know me Color is my passion, so I have started posting fun color pins and I want you to join me, take a look at the ones I have created and then of course add your own our other pins with interesting color schemes and ideas to it. I'd love it to be one of the best tribes. So far I have 16 Pins, (gotta start somewhere) but looking to add a whole lot more and with your help I am sure we can. I find Pinterest a great place to look for ideas and inspiration. I have started organizing some boards and getting more regular with posting, so go take a look at my tribe, join and become part of my Pinterest community. Here is the link Creative Color Trib
Willow College

Willow College