Blue is a safe color, as it is always in fashion.

For some reason blue always seems to stay in fashion in one form or other. Perhaps that is because it is so versatile.
Blue and white, made popular with the influx of blue and white china, is as popular today as it was then.
Blue and yellow always creates a sunny beach or holiday home feeling, I have seen this lately in some toile fabrics and printed wallpapers and it really does make you step back and take notice. Blue and yellow, especially when it is a buttery yellow and a brilliant blue make a striking statement.
Bright blue and strong orange work well in children's rooms, they are fun, and coordinate with lots of toys and can be used for girls and boys.
Soft Subtle blues (or white with a light tint of blue) create a destinctive change for a bathroom steering away from the standard white on white, producing a calm feel to the space.
Dusky blues create a sombre space and combined with similar toned mauve adds warmth and depth.
Monochromatic blue schemes work really well in bedrooms where you can add different textures to create action, wool blankets, patchwork quilt, velvet curtains, flockati rugs, beaded lamp shades, the list goes on.
Blue works well in reception or waiting areas as it is calming and people feel comfortable.
Navy blue, red and white are standard corporate colors seen world wide, and are often integrated into interior color schemes.
So to sum up, if in doubt choose blue! It really is a safe color to use when interior decorating.
For more information on blue color schemes use the resources below.
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