Fun with Fabric and Interiors

The great thing about fabric is that it is such a versatile product. You can upholster chairs, hang panels, drape swags, draw curtains, frame pieces, glue it to the wall and make a cushion cover with it! All in one room if you like!

Fabric is fun and you can change the look of a room in an instant but adding a fabric. Be it subtle with a textured neutral or dramatic with a bold pattern, fabrics can change the style of a room inexpensively.

You can change the look for the seasons, for children or visitors, for now or for marketing your home for sale. There are so many ways to use fabric.

The bedroom is a good example, the bedspread, comforter, dooner or duvet - whatever you call your bedding, can be changed to create different moods.

We have white textured duvet covers for spring and summer, providing a cool and crisp feel, open and the bedroom looks larger, then for winter we have rich gold duvets which provide a sense of warmth and make the room feel cosier. (Plus it shows less muddy cat footprints in the winter!) Just one simple way of changing the fabric for the seasons.

Another way is with a table cloth, the style of design can change with the function of dining. Everyday dining a simple plaid, checked or gingham fabric, easy wash no iron type! Then for more formal occasions a white irish linen damask to add style and class to the dining table.
The same room but different looks, simply but changing the fabric.

I have named a few ideas, are there any other examples that you can think of?
I encourage reader participation, I have started to get some feedback on my articles from you lately, so let's see what you have to say about this topic!

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Anonymous said…
Hi, you're SO right about the versatility of using fabrics to completely change the look of a room. We do the quick switch from season to season too like you mentioned. It makes all the differece. One can get very tired of seeing the same decor no matter how wonderful it might be.

The change of look makes it more obvious that the season has changed. That means that psychologically one is more aware of the sense of having "moved on" to a new time full of brand new promise and experiences waiting to happen. That is always a good feeling. It gives something new to look forward to.

Only down side here... I live on a tiny island in Greece. The selection of fabrics is miniscule to nonexistant! sigh. There are only a couple of small fabric shops here... not much choice. I rely on online shopping. (like That does mean loads of postage, and at international rates, but the difference it makes in our home makes it all worth it.

Glad to see Google Ads on your site. They always offer fresh alternatives too.

Love your site and all innovation you offer. BOY do you cover the waterfront of ideas! haha. Keep up the wonderful flow!! I have told everyone I know to check you out.

M.Lowe, Greece
Unknown said…
Another way to use fabric is to enlarge art. I had a large electrical panel in the middle of my hallway and not painting large enought to cover it. Solution?

I hung a large piece of lace, folded over on the top and clipped each end to a hoop. Two nails, one hoops on each nail and you have a large fabric square with a swag on top. Then, center and hang the painting in the middle. I gues that with a mirror it could even look like a faux window!




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