Spread the word, Interiordezine.com is definately global!

Yes, help us spread the word about interior decorating and design to the world!

We are so global that I cannot list all the 207 countries that we have readers from, but I will try a few and you can see if you know where they are. San Marino, Tuvalu, Palau, Burudni, Christmas Island, Faroe Islands, Anquilla, Mali, Guyana, Slovenia, Qatar, New Zealand (no just joking - we're sure you know where we are!) We used to put a pin on the world map, but we need a bigger map, and it is like doing homework finding some of these countries. We think it is fantastic that everyone, everywhere wants to learn more about interior design.
We thought that we could introduce more people to our wonderful website so we have had some home pages translated into a few languages to see if we can attract even more readers. So if you know of anyone that speaks Chinese, Arabic, or Spanish and wants to learn about interior design, then send them to the following pages, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish to introduce them to our website. (Unfortunately the whole site has not been translated but it is a start!) Thanks.

For those of you that read your last newsletter, we have also found our wayward Burmese cat, Jackson. A very long story and I could write a blog about his travels, he has so many adventures! So the children are pleased to have the little Houdini back!

We have arranged some help to get more interesting articles out to you quicker, only temporary at the moment but she is typing as fast as I can write so we are making progress.
We are also updating our pages and adding new photographs, bigger and better quality, so look out for those within the next few months. The curtains website has loads of new photographs added and some design critiques.
Scarf Drapery in a Sunroom
Tab Top Curtains
Grommet Top Curtains with an Asian Look
Contemporary Curtains

So take a look.

We are in the process of writing new free ecourses, so if you know of anyone who hasn't done our first ecourse and you feel that they should! Then send them straight to free ecourse.
So that they can get started right away.

Lastly, for all of you that have done the ecourse and did not receive a page or two, we have just about finished putting the pages online for you, so that you can view any that you may have missed. Stay tuned for the addresses.

What we really want you to do is talk about our website with your design savvy friends and spread the word, get them using the website too.

Thanks for that, enjoy your day, I will be doing my homework and looking for all those countries!


Anonymous said…
Hello Lee,

Just a note to let you know that I absolutely loved your ecourse - it has really helped us (giving me all sorts of ideas for my husband to help with, ha, ha) - in our renovations/decorating of our new home. I really enjoy your friendly, informative newsletters as well. You are a person filled with the most beautiful energy.

Thank you,

Anonymous said…
I loved your course too. I'm sorry I've forgotten to go back to the website regularly. What would help the website is to have a "twitter" presence. Perhaps you do; I'll check. But I keep abreast of my updates, now, on twitter.
Thank you for sending me some articles. I will share them.
Anonymous said…
Hello Lee,
Thank you very much for the eCourse, which I have recently completed and I am hoping to get the certificate ASAP. Basically a Civil Engg. and a good amount of creativity running within me. I really enjoy all your newsletter which shares quite a good amount of information. Really amazing.


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