What's Pink and New?

No this is not a kid's joke, it's a quick note about a new service that we have started at interiordezine.com

For so long I have wanted to make the website pink! But, I know there are loads of men out there that just wouldn't feel right visiting a pink website about interior decorating!

So a compromise, a pink shop!

A pink what?

A pink shop!

Well, an online shop (or store as you guys say in the USA!) I have been quietly selecting products that I think look great and are affordable and have grouped them into easy to find categories.

I don't have a huge amount yet, as careful shopping and recommending does take time, (and I'm loving every minute of it!) but I will keep adding to it when I find more quality interior decorating products.

Enough suspense, where do you find it?

Right here interior design products

Take a look and bookmark it for the future, especially because Christmas is near. I am about to set up a category for seasonal decorating, so I will let you know when I have found great products.

Think pink, think interior design products!

Have fun browsing, and if you are disappointed that I didn't talk about the color pink and how it relates to interior decorating, sorry you can still learn more about Pink


Anonymous said…
I think it's great!! I haven't finished the interior design course yet but I love what you are doing!! Good luck! K

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