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Where do Interior Designers get their Ideas from?

Where Do Interior Designers Get Their Ideas From?

I am constantly being asked this question, and I must admit, that as the years go by I start to feel that I struggle to come up with something new and original myself. I think that this is because I am a conscientious designer who takes the time to get to know my client and strives to create something unique and original each time. What is original? Interior design and decorating has so many influences, be it historic, ethnic, locational, budgetary, personal, environmental to name a few.

Where am I going with this train of thought?

Good question, I'm not sure myself, but I do know that the longer you are in the interior design and decorating industry, the harder it becomes to create really great interiors. It is like any good relationship, you start to take things for granted over time and things become average and boring, they lack passion and direction and you think you know it all. This starts to show in your work.

So how do you put back the spark into the relationship between you and design?

You have to go back to the basics and find out what inspired you to be passionate about interiors in the first place. I have been doing this recently whilst updating the website. I have been looking at photos of interiors from all over the world and remembering what inspired me in the first place. A beautiful Trompe l'oeil ceiling in London. This one room got me thinking and started my passion for interiors.

Here is a photo I just found that reminded me and got me enthusiastic again, recharged my batteries you could say. Gave me inspiration to get out there and start researching for different looks and styles, get back into the heart of design and see how vast and varied the designs are around the world.

As a side note here while I remember: To all of you who have added your photos to, I say a big thanks, as it was refreshing to see so many inspiring designs coming through. Keep up the good work. Feel free to go and look at others work and make comments and get fresh ideas.

I suppose the answer to the question posed to me "Where Do Interior Designers Get Their Ideas From?" is that they come from all over and they come in bits and pieces. Designers have creative minds, they are also very visual and are constantly storing design ideas. (If you have done one of my ecourses then you will know I tell you to keep a scrapbook or notebook of things that you see to keep as a reference guide for brain storming design ideas.)
  • When they take a walk in the park, they see colors and textures, organic forms
  • Visit a furniture store, fabrics and timbers can spark ideas
  • Read magazines, photographs trigger new concepts and question new ways of thought
  • Visit websites, see the world of design, step outside your locality
  • Travel, see and smell new colors and scents, learn customs and local design
  • Dare I say it - Watch TV, you can travel from your living room these days, the experience is not as tactile as the real thing but a great way to get ideas.
So how an I help you to keep your design ideas fresh and flowing?

By guiding you to pages on the website of course.

If you want to get ideas of different interiors to get you thinking and expanding your current design scope then visit the following pages.

Bathroom Design Ideas
Bedroom Design Ideas
Kitchen Design Ideas
Color Scheme Ideas
Curtain Design Ideas

I hope this will help you keep your inspiration and passion for interior design and decoration.
If anyone else has other ideas, feel free to add them in the comments section, as I can always do with more inspiration!


Anonymous said…
what lee is doing is selfless,beautiful and have been blessed,i must it takes a beautiful heart to want to do all shes offering for free.GODBLESS U LEE.
Graham said…
Thanks for these wonderful detialed courses. They are informative as well as easy to understand. I now have the courage and confidence to redo my entire house! Graham - South Africa
Satish said…
Firstly i like to say that your post is really very good and informative.. i liked your efforts taken for the same to share it with all. Great job... keep going on. i will surely visit here again and again to more such information.

Thanks for Sharing,
Interior Designers Mumbai
Anonymous said…
I enjoy reading those courses very much, its very helpful for me as a student of interior design, it helps me take my way in the right direction, thx Lee so much

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