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I don't know if you have children and have heard of "Bob the Builder" and his catch phrase "reduce, reuse, recycle" well, I have heard it non stop for the last five years at least and I think I am totally converted!

Now I feel I should convert the website and spread the word about reducing, reusing and recycling. The best way to do this is by educating us, the interior designers to make well informed choices on what products we specify in an interior. Take more notice of what products are made of, where they come from and how they can be recycled or reused when they finish their life cycle. There is so much to learn about this part of interior design and how we can make a change for good in our environment, that I thought I would ask you what you want to know, so I can get a website written to help us all improve our product choices and keep our environment green.

I would love it if you could fill out a very quick survey to let me know what you want to learn about when it comes to going green. I can then make sure I prioritise what is written and we can all start learning and making changes right now.

Help us teach you eco friendly and sustainable ways to design planet saving interiors.

Visit interiordezine is going green survey now and thank you so much from the team at and the planet.


Anonymous said…
i think its very useful for us.
Anonymous said…
its really a very good idea and this is what every designer should think of.

As we are interior designer where we have to design within the space so considering that we should start making eco friendly internal walls, floors, doors, windows, floors, kitchen counters and so on.

so basically we should start learning the eco ways of constructing these things and then designing them.

I will keep posting as i will come across anything and its really something which should be considered for the benefit of the people and surrounding who should live a healthy life in an healthier environment


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