Willow College is under Construction

Hi, if you are one of my budding interior designers from interiordezine.com, you may have an idea that I have been busy with a new project. Not just me, Chris and I have both been working day and night on an exciting new way of learning interior design, its called Willow College.

Over the next few weeks there will be more information coming out about it. So for now I'm going to send you to the website - http://willowcollege.com and ask you to take a look at where we are right now. It's just the beginning, a little bit of background info before we launch later this year but I'm sure you will love the idea of what we're up to. Make sure you sign up for the blog feed, follow us on twitter and stay tuned because we will need your help real soon to get us over the finish line. 

Thanks for being a loyal reader.


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