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As you know, I am Lee Brown and I am a co-founder of Chris, my husband and I are currently building another business which is an extension of this, it's called You have probably heard about it, as I have been sending out a lot of emails lately, and there will probably be a few more coming!  We need support to help us get to launch date. We are about to embark on a crowd funding campaign to help us raise the money to get WillowCollege.Com up and running.

If you don't know anything about this - you can read the emails and watch the videos at the following pages on our website Our Journey so Far , to and Want to be a Foundation Member?

To summarize, now that you know our story and why we are building this new business the time has come to launch the funding campaign and we are asking for your help. We need funding and you can help us. The best way you can help us and the one that you get the most benefit out of personally. You can be part of the funding campaign and as part of our existing community you get your own special link to the funding option that gives you Foundation Member Status with a long term discounted subscription rate that is not available to the general public, and from time to time we will have special offers for foundation members, that’s because we value your loyalty. This option is definitely worth looking into, you can find the special secret link here for the crowd funding launch for Foundation Members.
It's like an earlybird price as we won’t repeat the offer at that rate once we have launched Willow College to the public in August 2018. The old saying “first in, best dressed” comes to mind here.

The second way you can help is you can share our tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, blog posts, emails and provide comments. This is totally achievable and no cost to you involved, only your time. You can tell your friends about us – share via word of mouth, social media or email our funding campaign – especially if they love interior design. Anything to help get the word out about Willow College would be gratefully accepted.

We hope you will get involved and help us get up and running. For the standard campaign page (not showing your secret foundation offer) at please visit Indiegogo campaign. On the right hand side of the webpage, there are some sharing tools that are ready made for you (see image below). It's easy and only takes a few moments to share. Make sure you read all about us too!

These are our social media accounts if you want to follow us: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Youtube Linkedin

Thanks for being part of our community. I really hope you want to be a Foundation Member of  (this link will show your foundation member offer)


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